OPENING june 2025

Olorien Safari Lodge discretely blends into the rocky outcrops, overlooking a dry riverbed, meandering to the Silale Swamp in Tarangire National Park. This quieter area of the park is renowned for large herds of elephant and buffalo. Leopard tails are often spotted twitching through the branches of an Acacia tree. The lodge is designed with a defined sense of nature. The colours and energy mirror life on safari. Transparent large glass sliding doors open to the vastness of Tanzanian landscapes, reflecting the seasonal change.

The lodge

Olorien Safari Lodge is a 10-room boutique safari lodge in the heart of Tarangire National Park, blending serenely amongst the rocky kopjes on a hill overlooking Silale Swamp. The lodge will be opening in July 2025.  

Experience Tarangire

Tarangire National Park is a wildlife sanctuary between the Maasai Step and the Great Rift Valley. This unique ecosystem is a vital wildlife migration corridor home to diverse populations of wildlife, bird, and plant species.

The National Park in northern Tanzania is accessible from Arusha on the northern safari circuit. Wildlife migrates into the park from surrounding areas for water and food. The abundant natural ecosystem sustains larger herds of elephants, buffalo, migratory and resident antelope, and big cats.

game drives

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Game drives in Tarangire National Park are magnificent. The park is part of a larger, diverse ecosystem, a wildlife-rich migratory corridor between Ngorongoro Crater and the Maasai Step in northern Tanzania. The meandering palm tree-lined Tarangire River and Silale Swamp are vibrant sources of life for resident and migratory birds and wildlife. Wildlife viewing is an intimate and exceptional way to encourage guests to unwind in the peaceful landscapes and experience the wildlife diversity of the park.

walking safaris

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Stepping out of the car after a game drive, having enjoyed a bush lunch under an Acacia Tree, an evening walk brings into focus the smaller details of the ecosystem. Accompanied by a park ranger and professional walking guide, this adventure follows the scent of wildlife. On foot, senses come alive; sounds of birds calling, the russell of wind blowing through the grass, an army of ants carrying seeds to the ant hill, a path scattered with animal tracks leading to water. The small, wild details tell different daily stories as the sun splashes golden tones onto the landscape.

night game drives

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Many animals live nocturnally, and night game drives allow guests to see a variety of nocturnal species. Red eyes spotted in a tree signal a bush baby foraging for fruit and berries. Red eyes in the grass may be a predator, a lion or leopard, taking advantage of the darkness to hunt buffalo or impala. A mound of hair and a long snout shuffling down the road in the car lights can be an aardvark on the hunt for some tasty morsels in the ant hills. Every night tells us a new bedtime story.

balloon safari

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Seeing the landscape from the air gives a whole new perspective on the meaning of life. The colours in the Tarangire landscape merge to form an abstract painting of expression and life. Rising with the sun, the balloon drifts along the Tarangire River, moving serenely with the thermals.

bush meals

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Dining under the shade of an Acacia tree or under the magical African sky merges spaces between inside and outside. Bush meals invite guests to experience wildlife from the seat of their camp chairs.

olorien community

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The lodge’s philosophy and values are the following:

  • Promoting women’s entrepreneurship in hospitality,
  • Encouraging children to lead a future in conservation,  
  • Teaching the local communities on the value of wildlife conservation,
  • Protecting Tanzania’s heritage by investing in the Tanzanian communities. 

the wilderness that makes us human